Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NOM? Not so om nom nom!

The National Organization for Marriage put together an advert called Gathering Storm. I'm sure this hasn't managed to pass anyone's notice. In case it has, here it is.

Fortunately the there has been a great deal of negative reaction to this video and many parodies made. Just look it up on YouTube, you'll find a lot.

Recently they made another video. This time using children to push their bigoted agenda. Apparently children are confused as to how someone could have two daddies.

While these videos are to most of us somewhat funny and ridiculous, they are also in my opinion disgusting and harmful. So by all means spread the word and do not be shy to speak against their nonsense.

Like PZ Myers said: Oh, and for any kids who are actually confused, here's how to tell who your parents are. They're the people who love you and take care of you and worry about you all the time. That's all that is important. Their anatomy? Not so important.

That's the bottom line.

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